Meet the Troopers

Meet the Troopers


founder of Sooqr (47, Friesland - he’s technically Dutch)

‘Back in 2015, we kept stumbling upon the same problem: we just couldn't find what we were looking for on the interwebs. Simply because optimised onsite search wasn’t very much a ‘thing’ yet. So a new mission was born: to make site search awesome! 

Not long after, the very first Sooqr Search engine was developed and live. And it worked so well, that the product quickly grew into a company. 

In October ‘18 we moved from Hilversum to Utrecht and went from having just a few Troopers to a whole lot of them! Nowadays, with over 700 clients globally - with more joining daily and we’re getting out the word - necessity - of awesome, instant, relevant and above all affordable site search to more people, within e-commerce and beyond. Making onsite search even more awesome.’

A short history of Sooqr

Sooqr Search founded by Erik Keegstra

Launch of MySooqr 1.0

Team Size: 2


Rapid expansion in the Netherlands

Team Size: 3


#1 onsite search solution in the Netherlands

Team Size: 5





International expansion

Albert Mombarg appointed as CEO

First seed funding

Started growth hacking

Moved to new office in Utrecht

Lotje, the office dog, joined

Team Size: 12

Migration to cloud (AWS)

Introducing MySooqr 2.0

Expansion of the Utrecht offices

Team Size: 24

More awesome stuff to come!


Content & Events Manager (31, England)

‘Although I’ve been living in The Netherlands for over 27 years - and I’m practically Dutch, working in an internationally diverse company brings me back to my roots. 

At Sooqr there is a great mix of people and personalities. 

I have a background in journalism, but this company has given me the opportunity to develop myself and grow into content - and digital marketing, too.’


Backend Developer & Data Specialist (29, Romania)


‘In my old corporate job, I was never excited. I needed a startup like Sooqr to get that sense of excitement back in my work! 

Sooqr is the right mix - culture, fun people, a great vibe, ambition, industrial look & feel and just enough nerdiness and weird gadgets lying around. 

Also, I get to grow on a personal and professional level: as we’re migrating to AWS and experimenting with AI, I get to become an expert in those fields too.’


Technical Support Manager (27, The Netherlands)

‘I’m an odd Trooper in the mix, as I’ve got a background - and Masters degree - in Applied Cognitive Psychology. 

I came into Sooqr via an IT traineeship. I love to puzzle, and working in IT lets you earn an honest living with puzzling! At Sooqr we’re just a bunch of nerds put together - it’s great, the atmosphere is really casual, yet structured. 

I help customers with all and any technical difficulties and do some frontend development at the same time...the best of both worlds!’

Sound great? Interested? Any questions?

Simply get in touch with Venetia de Wit: or via +31 615850813. 

And we’ll speak soon! 

You will need to have a valid work permit to apply for this opportunity. To recruitment agencies: no, thank you.

Search, find, smile & buy. 

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