Meet your new favourite 

Dutch city: Utrecht 

Meet your new favourite

Dutch city: Utrecht

Utrecht, situated in the heart of The Netherlands - our tiny frog country (‘klein kikkerlandje’ as we like to call it), will become your new favourite place to be when you join Sooqr. In all honesty, our Sooqr HQ isn’t situated in the prettiest part of town - Kanaleneiland - but this neighbourhood on the South-West side of Utrecht definitely has some creative potential and is undergoing a huge makeover as we speak! 

If you’ve never been to our beautiful city before, and have no idea what we’re talking about; Utrecht gets compared to ‘big brother’ Amsterdam often. We’ve got gorgeous canals, architecture, history, nature, hospitality and culture too. But unlike Amsterdam, Utrecht is much less busy (we’ve only got around 345.000 residents), not overcrowded by tourists yet and really accessible, due to us having the biggest train station of the country. And our prices (housing and otherwise) aren’t as high either! 

After Amsterdam, Delft and Eindhoven, Utrecht (also called ‘ons stadsie’ or ‘030’ - our area code) is becoming The Netherlands’ fastest-growing tech hub. We now have hundreds of (once) startups (such as Blendle,, United Wardrobe and our partner Channable) in life sciences, healthcare, medical technology, gaming, tech, SaaS and IT. And since late 2018, Sooqr is part of the Utrecht scene, too! 

The new tech startup hub - 030

Close to the office, you’ll find:


Digital Marketing Manager (31, Germany) 

'I just moved to Utrecht a few weeks ago, and I love it! It's like Amsterdam... but without all the tourists.

I cycle to the Sooqr HQ every morning along the canals. After work, I love exploring Utrecht's many restaurants and bars.'

Sound great? Join us in 030!

Simply get in touch with Venetia de Wit: or via +31 615850813. 

And we’ll speak soon! 

You will need to have a valid work permit to apply for any of our opportunities. To recruitment agencies: no, thank you.

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